# Deploying custom GSN instance

# You probably do not need to do it

The idea behind the GSN project is to create a single network of Relay Servers serving a pool of dapps together.

The on-chain part of the GSN contains of the following contracts: Forwarder, RelayHub, RelayRegistrar, StakeManager, Penalizer.

The GSN team has deployed the core GSN contracts on the most used networks and will add more networks in the future.

You can also consider using any of the existing centralized ERC-2771 Meta-Transactions (opens new window) services, as well as using a Paymaster-sponsored UserOperations defined in ERC-4337 Account Abstraction (opens new window).

However, it is possible neither solution works for your use case. For example, there may be no existing third-party meta-transaction or account abstraction servers available for your target chain.

In this case you can bring up your own GSN network instance.

# Deployment Script

The GSN contracts are deployed using a Hardhat Deploy (opens new window) plugin. The script used to deploy GSN contracts is publicly available here:

# Deployment configuration

The deploy.ts script will read the deployment configuration file located at ./packages/deployer/deployments/deployment-config.ts.

Example contents for the deployment-config.ts file that was used to deploy GSN 3.0.0-beta.3 on Ethereum Mainnet:

module.exports = {
  1: {
    environmentsKey: 'ethereumMainnet',
    relayHubConfiguration: {
      devAddress: '0x8C1FD2DE219c98f5F88620422e36a8A32f83324E',
      devFee: 10,
      pctRelayFee: 30,
      baseRelayFee: 0
    // deploymentConfiguration is the only entry not read from the "environments"
    deploymentConfiguration: {
      registrationMaxAge: 15552000,
      paymasterDeposit: '0',
      isArbitrum: false,
      deployTestPaymaster: false,
      minimumStakePerToken: {
        '0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2': '0.01'
    stakeBurnAddress: '0x8C1FD2DE219c98f5F88620422e36a8A32f83324E'

You need to provide a suitable configuration and execute the yarn deploy command.